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Welcome to Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate was formed in 2001 following the closure of the renowned commercial season/day ticket fishery of the same name. A small core of dedicated season ticket holders formed the Syndicate with the help, guidance and continued support of the previous management. Most of that core remain and new rods have been introduced by the membership when a vacancy has occurred from time to time.

Our limited membership covers a range of individuals from many walks of life, all soul mates joined together by several common denominators. Apart from our love of fly-fishing we all share an acute awareness of conservation of everything connected with our wonderful sport and where we practice it. We are passionate anglers with varying degrees of experience and skill, the respect for our quarry is always to the fore and the comradeship amongst us is something quite special. We cherish our privileged privacy in superb surroundings beautifully maintained by the estate management, shared only with the fantastic wildlife which abounds.

It is unusual to see more than one or two members fishing our waters at any one time, often there are days when nobody is fishing. Our unique login system which is linked to our website allows members to see who is fishing at Croxley Hall in real time, thus allowing members to choose when to fish to suit their personal preferences.

Our rule book is kept to an agreed minimum and is there for guidance with all the rules self governed. Our waters are stocked with top quality Trout from our excellent suppliers who provide an average weight of over 4 pounds per fish and our members have several opportunities to bring a guest angler with them during the season. To sum up we have an efficiently managed Syndicate that we are truly proud of but never take for granted.

If you would like to be considered for a Membership please go to our Join page and submit your details.

The waters fished at Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate

Willow/Lodge Lake
Willow/Lodge Lake
River Chess at Sarratt
About Our Waters

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate members currently fly fish two lakes for trout, Willow Lake and Lodge Lake. Both lakes are fed by crystal clear water that originates from a large number of artesian wells that formed part of the original watercress farm. The artesian water oozes up out of the wells at a constant 10.5 degrees centigrade. This means the lakes do not suffer from high water temperatures in the summer and they do not freeze in the winter.

Trout thrive in these perfect water conditions and as a result the fishing can be excellent whatever the weather throws up.

From 2021 CHTS members have the option to fly -fish for brown trout on an exclusive private beat of the River Chess, a renowned chalk stream, just a few miles away in Sarratt for a small additional fee to their existing membership.

Members also have the ability to see "who's fishing" before they leave home by using our unique and simple login system. This means they can see when the fishery is quiet or busy in "live mode" and plan their day accordingly.

Join Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate (CHTS)

Most of the time our small syndicate is fully subscribed but occasionally places do become available. The best way to ensure you are notified when a place becomes available is to join our waiting list by filling in the form below and submitting it. With your permission your details will be kept on file and you will be notified when a place becomes available and invited to visit the fishery to view the lakes and our extensive facilities.

CHTS Prices

Our current prices: £600 per season (40 fish catch and kill limit) Joining Fee: £200 (one off fee, refundable if you do not re-join the following season). Members have the option to add fishing on a privately owned beat of the River Chess at Sarratt for an additional fee of £100 per season.

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CHTS Facts

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate is a professionally run trout fishing syndicate located on a private estate at Croxley Hall Fisheries, near Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire.

The season for fishing the lakes runs from the 15th March to 31st January the following year inclusive. Fishing is available seven days a week with no fishing on Christmas Day.

The river season runs from 1st April to 30th September inclusive.

Our waters are stocked with top quality trout from our excellent suppliers who provide an average weight of over 4 pounds per fish in the lakes. The river Chess contains small wild and stocked brown trout.

Our members have several opportunities to bring a guest angler with them during the season.

Contact Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate

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GDPR and How CHTS Contacts You

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Any data you send to our website is deleted once processed by the fishery owner. Data is sent to our web server using a secure encrypted link. We do not share your data with anyone outside of Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate.

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CHTS Facts

Rickmansworth is a town in southwest Hertfordshire, England, about 17 miles (27 km) northwest of central London and inside the perimeter of the M25 motorway. The town is the administrative seat of the Three Rivers District Council.

The confluence of the River Chess, the River Gade with the Colne in Rickmansworth inspired the district's name. The enlarged Colne flows south to form a major tributary of the River Thames.

Croxley Hall Fisheries is the only fishery in the Colne Valley where the three rivers run through its boundaries

My Catch

Syndicate Catch

Members Fishing

Currently we only show members fishing at Croxley Hall. To view “who is” fishing the River Chess please go to the bottom of the River Chess page and view bookings.

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The River Chess

A Brief History
The name arose by back-formation from the town of Chesham. It was once known as the Pittlesburne which incorporates the old word burna, used in the Chilterns to describe a clear spring-fed stream on a lower dip-slope, often with a stony bed. The River Chess fall is 200 feet (60 m), and its length is 11 miles (18 km). It is fed by groundwater held in the chalk aquifer of the Chiltern Hills and rises from three springs which surface as Vale brook, from Bury Pond, and alongside the Missenden Road near Pednor just to the north of Chesham. It flows within culverts beneath the town before flowing in a southeasterly direction through Waterside. The river flows below parkland landscaped by Capability Brown at Latimer House and the site of a 1st Century Roman villa close to the village of Latimer; to the north of Chenies; through unimproved water meadows at Frogmore and the watercress beds at Sarratt Bottom to the west of Sarratt. The Chess flows under the M25 motorway at Solesbridge Lane, before passing through the private housing estate of Loudwater, whose name was historically associated with the river at this point. Below this the river passes several disused water mills which supplied power and water for paper manufacture during the 18th and 19th Centuries. At Rickmansworth it joins the River Colne to the east of the town. The river banks are mostly not public rights of way, and only small stretches of the river are accessible. It is navigable only in its lower reaches.

Images of The River Chess at Sarratt

Fishing Conditions at Sarratt

River Chess at Sarratt on 19-10-2000 at 10:45
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Booking Calendar

Season 2020/2021

To book a session, select the year/month/day you wish to fish then the session period (Morning or Afternoon) from the drop-down options. After selecting a month, a table below these buttons will display any sessions already booked for the selected month by showing names in the Morning/Afternoon columns alongside the date. You can only book or remove sessions using your logged-in membership number and only two members are allowed per session. For further information, please check the Rules page. When ready, select the Book Session button and wait for a confirmation message before leaving this page. If you book a session and cannot fish, please update the calendar so someone else can fish instead. To remove a session, select the appropriate date using the drop-down options then select the Remove Session button.

Please note.
For health and safety reasons your name is shown on the bookings calendar to assist the owner of the River Chess (Jon Tyler) or his water bailiff to identify CHTS members fishing on his property.

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Members Posts

Guidelines and Disclaimer


This page is for Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate members to share their experiences, observations and opinions with other members by publishing posts and inviting comments from other members.

We welcome and encourage posts and comments, however, in some instances these may be subject to editing or deleting. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Posts that are determined to be spam or questionable spam.
  • Posts using profanity or vulgar language.
  • Posts including derogatory language, or language/concepts that could be deemed offensive.
  • Posts that attack another person.
  • Posts that are contrary to General Data Protection Regulation (25th May 2018)

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Members are responsible for reporting any incompatible posts or comments to one or more Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Committee Members.

Please follow our guidelines and help us to keep this a constructive place for discussion. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts any time without notice. This policy is subject to change at any time.


All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

While every caution has been taken to provide readers with most accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information provided. Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of the information provided.

The opinions expressed by individual Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Members and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinions of Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate. Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by individual Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Members.

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate retains the right to republish posts/comments and also reserves the right to remove posts/comments for any reason, including duplication, the need for significant rewrites, pieces that are self-promotional, pieces that are discriminatory or offensive, or if the topic doesn't fit with our needs. Any product promotions or blatant spam will be deleted from Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate's website.


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Weather and Conditions

Latitude N 51° 38' 20" Longitude 00° 27' 20.5" Elevation 49m
This weather station covers the Rickmansworth postcode area WD3 and is updated each time it is viewed. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.
Temperature and Humidity
Forecast for Today
Forecast for Next Day

3-day forecast for Rickmansworth from BBC Weather
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Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Rules (Croxley Hall Trout Lakes)

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Rules (applies to Willow Lake and Lodge Lake at Croxley Hall Fisheries)

  1. Fly-fishing only is allowed using only one rod, with a floating or intermediate line. Single hooks only. No droppers. Wet, dry fly and nymphs only. No lures, booby’s or sight-bobs. Members can fish Willow Lake and Lodge lake at Croxley Hall Fisheries only unless an additional membership to fish the River Chess at Sarratt is added as an option. (Separate rules apply for river fishing)
  2. All members must carry current E.A. rod licences and display their syndicate membership card whilst fishing. Members must login using the touchscreen in the Lodge before commencing fishing and when fishing is completed register their catch and logout. Should any member fail to leave a record of his fishing a four fish total will be entered against the members cumulative total for the season.
  3. All trout caught to be killed up to a maximum of forty fish per season. Members are permitted a maximum of four fish per visit. All fish to be correctly entered into the recording system in the Lodge. Once members have caught their annual limit of forty fish they must cease fishing for the season or purchase additional fish in advance.
  4. The season will run from the 15th March to the 31st January the following year inclusive. Fishing is allowed seven days a week with no fishing on Christmas Day. Members must not arrive at the fishery before 6.30am and they should leave the fishery at dusk or 9.30pm whichever is earlier.
  5. Season rods are not transferable or refundable.
  6. Members will be entitled to invite 4 guests per season when members are permitted a maximum of six fish per visit. Only one guest per day who must be accompanied onto the water and at all practical times during his/her time at the fishery. All syndicate rules will apply to the guest and all fish killed will be counted against the Member's total. The guest must be signed in and out using the Lodge computer touch screen and Guest Book before fishing. No guests allowed for the first week of the season. (Guest’s must supply a home address and mobile number before they fish to comply with Government Coronavirus regulations.)
  7. All members must park their car in the secure car parks provided when they arrive to fish. All gates must be locked behind you on arrival and exit from the fishery. There is no vehicular access through the farm. Vehicles cannot be left overnight.
  8. Member must not bring caravans tents or trailers onto the property or car park with the intention of camping during the day or night.
  9. No dogs, spectators or non-fishing persons are allowed onto the fishery unless by special arrangement with the owner.
  10. No litter, especially waste nylon, is to be discarded anywhere on the property except in the recycling bins provided in the Fishery Lodge
  11. Members using the fishing lodge and toilets must keep them clean. If use is made of any catering facilities members must clean and clear up after themselves. Please be aware these facilities are shared with Croxley Hall and Cressacres Carp Syndicate members.
  12. The peace, privacy and safety of the farm, its inhabitants and animals must be respected at all times along with all syndicate members and any other anglers on the estate.
  13. Members must not damage or remove any animals, bird's eggs, plants, nests, amphibians orreptiles.
  14. Members visiting the syndicate waters must come with the intention to fish. Members are not allowed to use the fishery and/or the Lodge for the purpose of a meeting place without any intention to fish on that day, unless by prior arrangement and consent of the owner.
  15. Annual subscriptions are payable by 31st January each year. Members can pay by one or two instalments, one cheque dated 31st January and a second cheque for 30th April. Members wishing to renew must forward cheques to the fishery on or before 31st January. Members can also pay by the full amount by bank transfer. Members not having forwarded their cheque(s) on or before 31st January will be deemed to have resigned from the Syndicate.
  16. Croxley Hall Fisheries, Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate and/or its employees cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions, including motor vehicles however caused, whilst on the premises. It is the angler's responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing before entering Croxley Hall Fisheries' premises. In the event of an emergency please call Paul Sansom-Timms on 07813 682789.
  17. Croxley Hall Fisheries operates a "no publicity" policy. All publicity by members and their guests including text/images/stories/blogs/website forums and social media websites about Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate or its fish or anglers (whether named or not) is banned. Members can upload images/text and videos to the CHTS website but cannot reproduce this copy elsewhere.
Health and Safety

Members must declare themselves fit and capable to pursue fly fishing at Croxley Hall Fisheries (Trout Syndicate Waters) when they renew their membership each year. Members are required to notify the owner (Paul Sansom-Timms) in writing or email immediately if a medical condition or disability subsequently affects them after they have re-joined as a member of CHTS.

Notifiable conditions are anything that could affect your safety whilst on the Croxley Hall estate including your ability to safely land and dispatch fish after capture. They could include but not limited to:

Should any of the above conditions subsequently apply to you after you have declared yourself fit and capable at the beginning of the trout fishing season, the owner of Croxley Hall Fisheries (Paul Sansom-Timms) must be informed immediately. It will then be assessed by our insurers If necessary) whether it will be safe for the member to continue to fish at Croxley Hall Fisheries.

Please note if your Doctor or Consultant advises that you cannot fish under any circumstances you must inform the Fishery owner immediately and you must not fish.

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Rules - River Chess at Sarratt

The following rules apply only to the River Chess but must be observed in addition to all other Croxley Hall Fisheries Rules.

  1. The season for fly-fishing on the River Chess is 1st April to 30th September inclusive.
  2. Fly-fishing only is allowed using floating lines and dry fly or nymph only using barbless hooks (sinking lines, intermediate lines, lures and wet flies are not allowed).
  3. All trout caught must be returned to the water alive. No fish are to be taken.
  4. Fishing is only allowed between the notices posted along the river- no fishing is allowed behind or next to the owners’ house. Members can fish from either bank where a path or walkway is provided or wade in the river if a wading stick is used for safety.
  5. Members must book a slot in advance on the CHTS website to fish the river either a morning session or afternoon session (Morning session = 6.30am – 1.00pm. Afternoon session = 1.00pm to dusk or 9.30pm whichever is earlier.
  6. Only two members can fish the river during a morning or afternoon session. No guests are allowed.
  7. Parking is via a locked gate off the entrance road (a combination lock will be used and the code will be issued to members each season.) (No parking is allowed by the owners’ property)
  8. A portable toilet system will be provided for members to use near the car parking area.

Rivers can suffer from colouration or excess water levels after very heavy rainfall which will sometimes make the river temporarily unfishable or dangerous to wade or fish. The owner of this stretch of the River Chess will, when possible, post this information on the CHTS website for your perusal. Please check the website before you set out to fish to check it is fishable. If you have never fished a river before please be aware we are dealing with nature and the weather. At its worst it is unpredictable and dangerous at its best it makes the river a glorious place to spend your time.


Newsletter - 24th January 2021

Lodge System

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Membership Renewals

Thank you, your renewal details have been successfully sent to CHTS.
I give Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate permission to contact me using the details above and I agree to Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate rules as a condition of my membership.
Membership Renewals

All CHTS members are required to indicate whether they wish to renew their membership for the following season using the form below. Please ensure you submit the form to include your current contact details by 30th November each year.

Payment is not required at this time (see Payments Page for membership fees and payment dates).

Payments – Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Membership Fees for 2021 Season (payable by 31st January)

Croxley Hall Trout Lakes - £600
or Croxley Hall Trout lakes + River Chess at Sarratt - £700

Joining Fee (for new members) - £200 refundable if you do not renew after first year)

Members can pay the full amount by either by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal by 14th February 2021 latest. Alternatively payment can be made by two cheques dated 14th February 2021 and 30th April 2021 (both cheques should arrive at the fishery by 14th February 2021 latest).

Membership renewal forms can be downloaded here if you prefer to send your renewal by post.

Cheques should be made payable to Croxley Hall Waters Ltd. and posted to:

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate
Croxley Hall Farm,

Payments by bank transfer should be made to:

Account name: Croxley Hall Waters Ltd.
Account number: 01290563
Sort Code: 30-99-21
The bank account is held at Lloyds Bank for verification purposes.

PayPal payments:

Click on the options below and you will be taken to PayPal's secure payment portal to make your payment.

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